Founded by a former IRS Agent

Founded by a former IRS Agent


Whether you are a physician, surgeon, dentist, or operate a home health agency or hospice, you are going to be affected by legislative changes that impact your reimbursements. We understand the challenges and uncertainties created in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment and are positioned to help you as your tax specialist to advocate on your behalf. With rising costs and declining reimbursements, it is critical to control your income taxes, which are one of the largest expenses of your business.

When I was an IRS agent, I audited many healthcare providers and I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Therefore, I am in a unique position to offer tax-saving strategies that are legal and will make a positive difference to your bottom line. I know what works for your industry, I understand your business and this is one of the main benefits my healthcare clients receive as we provide a service that is unique and different from other firms.

Pogosian Nazaryan & Company offers the following services to clients in the Healthcare industry:
  • Proactive tax planning strategies to minimize taxes.
  • Business consulting services to improve your cash-flow.
  • Tax-friendly retirement planning.
  • Efficient and timely tax preparation services.
  • Timely preparation of financial statements.

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