Founded by a former IRS Agent

Founded by a former IRS Agent

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Former IRS Agent – Vardan Pogosian

Pogosian & Company, CPA, is CPA firm near Pasadena CA dedicated to offering tax services and accounting services for businesses and individuals with an unmatched attention to detail. The firm offers a wide range of expertise with a focus on the legal, real estate, and medical fields.

An Experienced Professional on Your Side

Vardan Pogosian is an experienced CPA with a background at the IRS, where he worked for 9 years as a Revenue Agent. During his time with the IRS, he was the recipient of numerous performance awards, and taught classes to newer IRS agents. He has worked with IRS attorneys on tax trial cases, as well as civil and criminal fraud cases. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Southern California’s Leventhal School of Accounting, one of the top accounting programs in the country. He also has a Real Estate license in the State of California and is currently a member of the California Society of CPAs. He brings this experience to his Pasadena CPA firm in the form of expert advice on a wide variety of financial and legal matters.

A Pasadena CPA that Caters to Your Needs

Pogosian & Company, CPA, offers a wide variety of tax and accounting services that can cater to your needs. Our goals are to establish a professional environment where we can work with you on reducing your tax burden and maximizing your financial success, whether you are looking for consulting for your business or just for personal expenses. If you have specific circumstances or concerns, we want to be as flexible as possible in ensuring you have a rewarding and worthwhile experience. With his years of experience, Vardan Pogosian is accustomed to servicing a wide variety of business needs.

Scheduling an Appointment

Finding a trustworthy and hard-working CPA in Pasadena CA can be a challenge, and Pogosian & Company are committed to offering a enjoyable and competitive customer experience. Call today to schedule an appointment, and we will provide a one-hour consultation session free of charge. During the consultation, Vardan Pogosian will be able to discuss services and fees with you, figure out a way to serve your needs best, and establish a professional relationship in a commitment-free environment.

Industries We Service:
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Ecommerce
  • Restaurants
  • Tanning Salons
  • Medical Spas
  • Travel Agencies
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Trucking and Transportation

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