Founded by a former IRS Agent

Founded by a former IRS Agent

Part-Time CFO & Consulting

Growing businesses occasionally reach a point where they need expert financial advice but either don’t need it full-time, or can’t afford to hire a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This is another area in which Pogosian Nazaryan & Company excels.

As a former agent at the IRS’s Large Business and International Division, Vardan Pogosian has solid experience in performing the capabilities of a part-time CFO and business consultant for small and mid-size companies. His experience may shed light on areas your company has struggled with, and provide solutions to improve your operations. With his experience working alongside some of the nation’s top tax attorneys and tax specialists, Vardan can analyze your company’s financial statements, help resolve auditing issues and guide you through financial hurdles and onto financial success.

Our Part-Time CFO and Consulting Services Include:
  • Tax Saving Strategies
  • Trend Analyses
  • Guidance from a tax professional who establishes strong financial controls in your business to reduce employee theft and increase profits.
  • Implementation of Cash Management Strategies.
  • Budget Preparation and Monitoring
  • Improved Quality and Timeliness of Financial Information
  • Act as a Liaison with Your Banker, Attorneys, Vendors, Insurance Agents, and other Trusted Advisors

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