Founded by a former IRS Agent

Founded by a former IRS Agent

Tax Preparation

At Pogosian Nazaryan & Company, our CPAs have expertise in everything from simple to complex tax preparation work. Our founder, Vardan Pogosian, is a former IRS agent with nearly ten years of experience in small business and corporate business auditing. With his guidance, the team at Pogosian Nazaryan & Company can aptly assist you in providing any services you may need.

Tax Laws Change

Tax laws are constantly changing and are becoming more complex. The consequences of making a mistake are also harsher now. It is incumbent upon the business owner to choose a competent CPA who has the experience in handling valuable financial information and keeping it secure. If your chosen CPA does not have a wealth of experience in taking on potentially complex matters, you could wind up paying the consequences.

Business owners, as well as partners at law firms, medical practices, real estate companies and other firms understand how essential it is to have a “pro” on their team. You want to be able to consult with your CPA before a crisis arises – not just during tax season but anytime an important decision needs to be made.

Pogosian Nazaryan & Company is that accounting firm. We are here, year-round, at your beck and call to provide your business with professional tax preparation services and our expert knowledge of taxation and IRS representation, when problems arise.

Expert Knowledge

If you are looking for expert tax preparation services in Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, or anywhere in Greater Los Angeles, you have come to the right place. Vardan Pogosian, CPA leads our team of CPAs and support staff at Pogosian Nazaryan & Company. Vardan started his career with the IRS as a tax auditor and over the next ten years, audited 100’s of business and individual tax returns. He possesses a unique understanding of the tax preparation process and knows how to alleviate unnecessary visits by the IRS.

With the knowledge and commitment we have to serve as your advocate, you can trust Pogosian Nazaryan & Company to file your tax returns in a timely manner, providing your firm with the minimum tax liability allowed under the law.

Personal Touch

At Pogosian Nazaryan & Company we pride ourselves on offering our clients a high-level of client services. When you use our tax preparation service, your tax returns and other compliance forms will be filed on-time, and your phone calls with be returned promptly. We believe that our expertise in serving our clients shows through our genuine commitment of care throughout the tax year and throughout the tax preparation process.

It’s time to schedule an appointment with Pogosian Nazaryan & Company.